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Front End Web Developer with a background in Business Administration within the finance industry and a dedication to continuous learning with hands on experiences. Known as an individual with great attention to detail, positive attitude, and calm demeanor in high stress situations. I have always enjoyed seeing others learn by doing and really believe in peer to peer teaching. Seeing my parents filled with astonishment over disruptive and new technology made me motivated professionally to be part of a team to create innovative products.

My past projects have focused mainly at the full functionality of the applications using MERN which aims to improve productivity of users. Multiple projects during my undergrad have prepared me to be a great team player by motivating my group to get started and equally share the workload.

I earned a certificate in Full Stack Web Development from UC Berkeley with developed skills in Javascript, CSS, ReactJS and databases such as MySQL and MongoDB. I am excited to leverage the technical skills with my relationship building skills in the future to create outstanding user experiences in a fast paced environment with a quality driven team.

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Todo List

Productivity todo list created with firebase authentication and real time database. In addition used several APIs to query for news, books and events.

See App Github Repo

Liri Node App

Similar to the Iphone's Siri, the Liri app is a language and recognition interface. The Liri is a command line node app that takes in parameters and gives back data.

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Utube App

Youtube video app created with javascript framework react, express.js, mongodb as the database/authentication with jwt tokens, and socket.io for the real time chat.

See App Github Repo


Similar to Amazon, Bamazon is a online store front CLI app that shows customer's view as well as manager's view of store's inventory and sales. My Bamazon app is coffee shop themed and uses MySQL as the database.

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Hiking FrontEnd

Simple site deployed to heroku and created with html, css, react.js and fetch. Page redirect for the navigation bar doesn't exist yet. Site is completely responsive with media queries.

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Project I created that displays up to date statistics on Covid19 in each state. Also displays a few news articles relating to the subject. For this project I used html, css, ajax calls, GET method and APIs for retrieving the data.

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